Welcome to the Lower Oder Valley National Park

Schilf im Nebel

Dear Visitors,

We welcome you to the Lower Oder Valley National Park in northeastern Brandenburg.

This page can help you learn a great deal about the National Park. Best of all, however, would naturally be to come visit the park yourself. It is beautiful and interesting place to spend time during all seasons. You may get some impressions of that on this website.

But the website is not complete. If you come to a dead end, it may be because we are still working on different parts of the website. But the presentation of a National Park can never be absolutely complete.

Nature is a living thing. The landscape changes with the seasons, and what is on offer for visitors of the National Park changes as well.

We hope you do not mind that our web presence is not yet perfect. It is in the hands of volunteers, who take care of it in their free time. But you can also help to further improve the site. If you discover something in the National Park that is missing on the page, if you have suggestions, or if you want to share your impressions with us and others, then please make use of the comment function, or the contact form at the top of the page.

We hope we can interest you to find out more about our National Park in the Lower Oder Valley.